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Dowman Plumbing and Heating offers all aspects of domestic boiler works. These include:

  • Natural gas, LPG and heating oils

  • All works carried out are in accordance with manufacturers literature and guidance

  • Design, installation, service and repair of new and existing domestic boilers and direct fired water heaters

  • Full inspection and commissioning of domestic boilers and direct water heaters

  • Full inspection and performance testing of fuel supply pipe work and stored fuel tanks

  • Gas supply pipe work strength/tightness testing and direct purging up to and in accordance with IGE/UP/1B (domestic)

  • Full inspection and testing of domestic boiler and direct fired water heater flueing

  • Gas boosters

  • Landlords gas safety inspections

  • All works are certificated upon completion

Current domestic gas qualifications:

  • BMP1 gas boosters

  • CCN1 core domestic gas safety NG

  • CPA1 combustion performance analysis

  • CENWAT central heating boilers and water heaters

  • CKR1 domestic cooking appliances

  • HTR1 fires and wall heaters

  • CONGLP1PD changeover natural gas to LPG permanent dwellings


Current domestic oil qualifications:

  • OFT10-101 pressure jet appliances

  • OFT10-105E domestic systems and energy efficiency

  • OFT10-600a oil tank installation

For more details give us a call on 01708 442649/ 07507125893

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